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What our guests have to say about us?

Ralph L. said:
Great Place to stay !
Neil is a very good person. Highly recommended.

Larry said:
Very Clean room. I was very impressed

DurofoerWen said:
Awesome Place


Jacob said:
I'm so happy to find this forum... Just wanted to drop by and say Hi and I'm looking forward to all the great discussion I will have with you guys!

Kamredcrert said:
just wanted to say that this sites is realy special and Im happy that i found it

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Micheal said:
Very Clean place, I will be visiting again

Vicki said:

Thank you for your help!

kurt vincent said:
Great Service!

LnddMiles said:
The best information i have found exactly here. Keep going Thank you

Peter Tilva said:
Greate place to stay.

Michael White said:
The room was so comfortable and well design. We enjoyed playing monopoly game since they have nice round table. This is the first place where my kids like most. I will be staying there every year while I visit my parents in Soo.

Mark Donleavy said:
A great value! I enjoyed the free wireless internet in the room. Will come back again! Thank you for your hospitality!

Leigh said:
Good site!

Vince said:
Good site!

Eugene said:
Thank you for everything. I enjoyed my stay at your property. I'll be back soon Have a great day.

Lory James said:
The room was beautiful!

Anita Way said:
This room was a delight. Very clean and comfortable. Everything you need. Thank you

Kyle said:
Very nice room. Your not missing a thing to make a pleasant stay.

Mitch said:
Thanks for the nice stay at the skyline motel! Your kindness in signing in and talking to us was much appreciated. Thanks for the ice!

Liam Belanger said:
Enjoyed your upgraded facilities.

Finch said:
I will highly recommend your motel & service in southern ON

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